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Life of I

Storytelling series 

Monthly storytelling events at CSI NYC!

  • Parent

    This changed our lives

    We dropped in for your public library evening last week. My kids loved the 'Life of I' session, and we ended up talking about the stories on our way back. It was a great way to connect with my kids. You can be sure that what you started will change lives.

  • Teacher

    Very helpful and revealing

    Working with young people, I have learnt the importance of building a solid bond of trust. It is imperative for a immersive learning experience. Life of I provides just that!

  • Veteran

    I am not alone

    I can't put my finger on it yet. It just felt good to hear these stories. Maybe next time I can bring a story about one of my fallen brothers.

  • Spiritual leader

    We are one

    We talk about the difference between listening and hearing the 'other'. 'Life of I' emphasizes the listening we all need more. I support this.

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